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The working group meets every other Wednesday at 11am US Eastern - Please contact Susan Malaika if you would like to join

The working group is made up of:

  • Souad Ouali   (Chair)
  • Jeff Cao
  • Francois Jezequel
  • Sarah Luger 
  • Susan Malaika 
  • Alka Roy
  • Alejandro Saucedo
  • Marta Ziosi

Meetings :


Topic: Review status & feedback for Principles - and hear from Ofer on Moral & Ethical AI

2020-07-09Topic:  Review status of feedback from reviewers for Principles
Attendees: Souad (in the office), Francois, Alejandro, Susan
Decisions & Actions:
-- Move meeting out 30 minutes - and shorten to 45 minutes
-- Incorporate ATT feedback (add explainability) & Marta comments
-- Actions
Alejandro - create new slides  with all updates from edits and feedback
Susan - create new document with all updates from edits and feedback
Alka - send updated materials to ATT
Souad - give update on Thursday as required
All - get everyone's sign-off internally ready for external sign-off
2020-05-29Topic: Emilie from Orange will present Orange principles
Finalize updated principles definitions
Review approach material and determine next steps
Define timeline for the work of the group

Topic: Review principles draft & update the terms

Attendees: Souad, Francois, Sarah, Susan, Alka, Alejandro

ACTION: All will review the definitions again now the terms have changed

2020-04-29Topic: Jeff from Tencent presented Tencent principles
Attendees: Francois, Jeff, Ofer, Susan, Alka, Alejandro
Aligned Tencent principles with draft principles
ACTION: Review terms: Private, Secure, Govern


April 3, 2020 Summary

Produced approach document while continuing to work on principles document 2 pager 

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