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Table of Contents

Mail List

Public LF AI mail lists can be joined here. The LF AI Outreach Committee mail list is restricted to members per the LF AI Charter. To contact the Outreach Committee email

LF AI Foundation Outreach Committee Overview 

a) The Outreach Committee will include one appointed voting representative from each Premier Member. Each General Member may appoint a non-voting representative to observe and contribute ideas to the Outreach Committee.

b) The Outreach Committee will be responsible for the design, development and execution of community outreach efforts on behalf of the Governing Board. The Outreach Committee is expected to coordinate closely with the Governing Board and technical communities to maximize the outreach and visibility of the Technical Project throughout the industry.

c) The Governing Board may appoint a chairperson of the Outreach Committee or delegate responsibility for selecting a chairperson to the Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee chairperson will be responsible for reporting progress back to the Governing Board. The Outreach Committee chairperson may attend meetings of the Governing Board, but, unless the Outreach Committee chairperson is a member of the Governing Board, the Outreach Committee chairperson will not attend as a voting member of the Governing Board.

Member Representatives

Member CompanyMembership Level
Voting Eligibility


OC Representative

Designated OC Representative Alternate

AI for PeopleAssociateObserverItaly
Matteo Fabbri
Ivelin IvanovAmdocs
PremierOfer HermoniBaidu
Ivelin Ivanov
AT&TPremierVoting MemberUSAAlexis Aziz
Taylor Chapman
Voting MemberChina
Ming Xu
Yungbo Wang
EricssonPremierVoting MemberSweden
PremierHuaweiChinaPremier*Jessica KimIBMUSAGeneral
Rani Yadav-Ranjan
Gemini Open Cloud ComputingROC (Taiwan)GeneralYoyo Chiang

HuaweiPremierVoting MemberChinaGary Ren
IBMGeneralVoting MemberUSARosie PongraczSusan Malaika
, Maureen Mcelaney

International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) 

Alka RoyYassi Moghaddam
The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine LearningAssociateObserverUKAlejandro Saucedo
Montreal AI Ethics InstituteAssociate
Alejandro Saucedo
ObserverCanadaRenjie Butalid
inwinSTACKGeneralObserverROC (Taiwan)
Joseph Wang
NokiaPremierVoting MemberFinland
PremierTommy Lindgren
NYU - CATTAssociateObserverUSA
Shivendra Panwar
Orange SAGeneralObserverFrance
*Jamil Chawki
Penn State Great ValleyAssociate ObserverUSAYouakim Badr
Pranveer Singh Institute Of TechnologyAssociateObserverIndiaSushant Agarwal
Red HatGeneralObserverUSA
Dan Thompson
RStudioGeneral ObserverUSA
Rob Hewardt
Tech MahindraPremierVoting MemberIndia
Nat Subramanian
TencentPremierVoting MemberChina
Ludi Wang
XenonStackGeneralObserverUSAMadhav Kashyap
ZillizPremierVoting MemberChina
Kate Shao
ZTEPremierVoting MemberChina
Haidong Li
Wei Meng

*Current  Current TAC Chairperson, effective September 24, 2019 - One year term.

Note: Graduate projects can arrange to have Observer representation on the Outreach Committee. To do so, please email

Voting Information

In various situations, the LF AI Outreach Committee shall hold a vote. These votes can happen on the phone, email, or via a voting service, when appropriate. Outreach Committee voting members can either respond "agree, yes, +1", "disagree, no, -1", or "abstain". 

a) Quorum for Governing Board and Committee meetings will require fifty percent of the voting representatives. If advance notice of the meeting has been given per normal means and timing, the Governing Board may continue to meet even if quorum is not met, but will be prevented from making any decisions at the meeting.

b) Ideally decisions will be made based on consensus. If, however, any decision requires a vote to move forward, the representatives of the Governing Board or Committee, as applicable, will vote on a one vote per voting representative basis.

c) Except as provided in Section 16.a., decisions by vote at a meeting will require a simple majority vote, provided quorum is met. Except as provided in Section 16.a., decisions by electronic vote without a meeting will require a majority of all voting representatives.

d) In the event of a tied vote with respect to an action that cannot be resolved by the Governing Board, the Chair may refer the matter to the LF for assistance in reaching a decision. If there is a tied vote in any Committee that cannot be resolved, the matter may be referred to the Governing Board.

Additional information is available in the LF AI Charter.

Voting Results

For information on Outreach Committee Chairperson election results history, visit the LF AI Election Results History page. 

Meeting Details

The Outreach Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month. The Outreach Committee meetings are restricted to members only (designated members listed above) per the LF AI Charter, but if you have a topic you would like to request to be added to the agenda please email

Outreach Committee members can view all past meeting content (decks/minutes) in the mail list message archive in Groups.ioEffective 2020, Outreach Committee members can view past meeting content under the files section for the outreach-committee mail list.


Visit the LF AI Events wiki page for information on events.